Power and Speed!

  • No database required or used.
  • Easy Drag and Drop Images from right to editor panel. *works with Firefox, Safari, Opera and Chrome but not with Internet Explorer.
  • Wysiwyg Editor for pages
  • Upload images with automatic creation of thumbnails
  • Dropped thumbnails automaticly create a gallery
  • pageWinder uses the addons: jQuery, jQueryUI, tinyMCE 4, Plupload, lightbox and  Genericons
  • Detect mobile device and load the mobile.css
  • compatible and tested with php 5.2 up to 7.0 RC4
  • perfect for static websites where your customer wants to edit their pages.
  • currently the interface only supports german language.
  • Open Todo's for Version 2: Installer, evaluate CKEditor as a replacement for tinymce,fix Drag and Drop with IE, maybe add ACE Editor for Source and think about Inline editing of full page but this could be another project since it's too different from what pageWinder does.

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